Logofolio Sneak Peak: A Premium WordPress Portfolio Theme for Logo Designers

Published Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 by Mike Erickson in Projects

Today I’m proud to let you know about Logofolio.net, a Logo Portfolio Theme, I’m helping design, for the Logo Design community.

Since the launch of my site, earlier this year, I have received a lot of emails asking me if my site was a WordPress theme and if so where could they buy it. After getting tens of emails, I started thinking of how hard it was for me before I launched my site and how busy I’ve gotten since the re-design, so I decided to help out my fellow community members by working with UiTuners to develop a WordPress Theme for logo designers that’s easy to customize, launch and edit.

Since I launched my new site, I’m getting several projects per month and I hope you all can do the same. Lets take back the projects that go to companies like Logoworks and Logoloft and show the world what good logo design work looks like. We can only make this happen if we all have our own sites and teach the business world the importance of good logo design work.

Stop by Logofolio.net. Tweet @LogofolioTheme and let other members of the community know what you think about Logofolio.

I look forward to helping anyone out. You can also contact Jose Mendoza form UiTuners.com by emailing him at jose@uituners.com.

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  2. Steve says:

    This would give me a reason to switch over to wpress..

    Good luck mike!

  3. Thanks for your support Steve. I hope it helps Designers.


  4. Lecart says:

    I can barely wait for this baby to launch. Is there an estimated release date?

    BTW, on the logofolio website, tehre’a a small typo: Logofolio is created by Mike Erickson _form_ Logomotive

    Cheers Mike!

  5. Hi Lecart, Thanks for the typo notice.
    Logofolio, is complete, just making some adjustments in the programming area. Hopefully soon.


  6. Mike, just let me know when this stuff is finished man. Since I’m just too busy with real clients projects, I’m interested in buying this theme from you guys.


  7. Ralph says:

    What happened with the theme?

  8. Pete says:

    Whats the news on this? I’m Keen to buy this.

  9. Curtis Sharp says:

    Any word on all this? Would love to use. Thanks

  10. Jose Mendoza says:

    Hi Lecart, Gert, Ralph, Pete, and Curtis,

    I apologize for the delay in completing the theme. Mike has done everything on his end to move us closer to completion and is eager to launch it. Both Jesus, the developer, and I have had a very busy year and the theme was pushed aside while we worked on client projects. We’re exited to dust off the cobwebs and complete the theme at the end of this year and hopefully launch early next year after all the necessary testing.

    Let me know if you have any questions, or you can ask here. Thanks for you patients.

  11. Hey thanks for sharing this! I now have something I can use for my cartoon logo/ mascot designs!


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